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Spinosad is one of the gentlest pest control products available for controlling thrips.Thrips are the leading cause of hibiscus plants dropping buds before they bloom. Controlling requires spraying three times with Spinosad, each spraying 5-7 days apart. Repeat this sequence as often as you need to to control thrips.

Safe and gentle to use, organic Spinosad is very effective for controlling thrips. It comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle, two sizes of concentrate for use in your own spray bottles, or a hose-end bottle that attaches to your garden hose for easiest application. When you use the hose-end bottle, Spinosad mixes automatically with the water coming out of your hose in just the right proportion to spray on landscape plants in your yard. No other sprayer or mixing is required.

Bottle Size

16 oz Concentrate, 32 oz Concentrate, 32 oz Hose-End Concentrate, 32 oz Spray


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