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Suppresses: Aphids, White Flies; Sprays Water Only.

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Every now and then a product comes along that has so much to offer I just want to share it with everybody I know. A young landscaper/inventor came over to my place one day and showed me the patent pending ”Bug Blaster” he had invented. It looked like a normal watering wand at first. But it has an angle built into the end of the wand itself, and a very special nozzle that controls the direction and velocity of the water that shoots out of it. The fit and finish of the product is excellent, signaling a quality piece of equipment.

I looked over his info, his impressive photos of cleaning out horrible whitefly infestations, and then we went outside for a hands-on test. After a quick demo he passed the wand over to me and I began to work my way down a line of outdoor hibiscus in 10 gallon pots sunk into the ground. Was this ever fun and easy to use! It allowed me, with the greatest of ease, to shoot water up under all the foliage of a hibiscus, blasting away anything that was clinging to the undersides of the leaf. It cleaned, while removing insects from their hiding places, whether I could see them or not. It cleared the dust from the plants (and do mites ever like to live in dust!) and imparted a fresh attractive look to the entire plant. As I worked higher up on the bush, the 360° spray also cleaned the tops of the leaves that were just cleaned from underneath, as well as the next higher leaves from below. For good measure, the leaves on either side got a forceful spraying from that angle.

I was most impressed with how easy and enjoyable using the ‘Bug Blaster’ was. I really did not want to stop “blasting,” but my inventor friend finally turned off the water at the hose bib, ending my fun. The plants I had cleaned were glistening with their freedom from road dust and they all looked much invigorated. I had recently finished placing a layer of HVH Worm Castings on all these big 10 gallon pots and now expect to have a totally non-toxic “arsenal” to help keep these plants free of insects for the rest of the summer.

Click here to see the ‘Bug Blaster’ in action.

How to Use the ‘Bug Blaster’

Simply hook The ‘Bug Blaster’ up to your garden house, turn on the water, and you are ready to go. For best results, keep the spray vertical and with a sweeping motion work the nozzle in and out of the shrub, concentrating the spray on the infected portion of the plant. Control the water flow with the easy-to-use valve at the base of the handle. For delicate plants, restrict the flow. For tougher plants or heavy infestation, just blast away! The ‘Bug Blaster’ cleans away dust, dirt, spider webs, and old or unhealthy leaves.

For best results, spray infected plants every 3-5 days for 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the type of pest, temperature and other variables related to the life cycle of the insect infecting your plants.

One caveat: Wear a bathing suit and flip-flops! You will get wet! Of course, that’s half the fun on a hot summer day. Over time you learn to turn the ‘Bug Blaster’ to different angles and directions to keep more of the water on the plants and less on you.

Product Specifics

Fits on a standard 5/8 inch garden hose. Made of anodized aluminum for the wand, and has both brass and plastic fittings.

Customer Comment

One of our customers sent us this comment after using the ‘Bug Blaster’:

“I have two old Hibiscuses that have been badly infested with whitefly, aphids and that black sooty residue. Both all well over 6 feet tall and obviously planted in the ground. Skeptically I ordered a ‘Bug Blaster’ and it is just AMAZING!! One plant looked like it was covered with that fake spider web stuff you can buy at Halloween (the whitefly population was THAT bad) and the other one looked like it had coal dust all over it and it was losing leaves daily. The ‘Bug Blaster’ is easy and fun to use and what a difference!! I’ve gone out to look at the plants several times today just to make sure they look THAT good now. I can see that I will have to use the sprayer several more times to totally eradicate the infestations, but I feel so much better about it than using Orthenex as I have little children. Also it doesn’t blast the buds off like I was sure it would. Next the fuchsias, the oleanders and the roses…”
BB, California


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