Bayer Rose & Flower Spray

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Controls: APHIDS

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Bayer Rose & Flower Spray kills aphids on contact. It is most effective for light infestations on smaller plants. For large infestations and large plants, we recommend using Bayer Rose & Flower Systemic instead of, or in addition to spraying. Spraying is the fastest way to directly kill aphids that are visible on small or potted plants where all parts of the plant can be sprayed, but it only kills the insects that actually get hit with the spray, and it does not kill eggs. So two sprayings may be needed to completely eliminate aphids.

Directions for Use:
  • Spray all parts of the plant thoroughly.
  • Wait 10 days, brush all dead aphids off the plant.
  • Spray thoroughly one more time.
  • After 10 days, brush off any remaining dead aphids.
Bottle Size

24 oz bottle with sprayer


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