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Complete fertilizing formula for potted or indoor hibiscus. Meets all nutritional needs, all our products mixed into one formula. Best product for sick or stressed plants.

In the artificial home environment, hibiscus need a nutritional boost from us to help them make all the glucose and proteins they need to thrive and bloom. Central heat and air conditioning create a home environment that is very dry and hard on tropical plants. Roots are confined in a small space with only the nutrition that we put into pots, with water that stays in the pot instead of washing any potential contaminants away. All houseplants need particularly high quality fertilizers with as few contaminants as possible and with optimal nutrition. In addition to this, hibiscus have their own particular needs which are harder to meet without the benefit of natural soil and sun. The HVH Houseplant Formula is a complete fertilizing and nutritional formula that is designed to meet the special needs of hibiscus growing in an indoor setting.

The HVH Houseplant Formula contains:

  • High quality hibiscus fertilizer that has all the nutrients hibiscus need with as few contaminants as possible
  • Growth-enhancing hormones to make up for the diminished sunlight inside a house
  • Stress reducers to minimize the effects of stressful indoor growing conditions, like the drying effect of central heat and air conditioning
  • Extra potassium to build stronger wood, more colorful pigments, and bigger flowers
  • Extra iron to increase chlorophyll and photosynthesis in diminished sunlight
  • Gentle anti-microbials and immune enhancers to help prevent infection

We have found that our indoor hibiscus do best when they receive a weak solution of these nutrients every time we water, so our formula is designed to be used with each watering. The formula is pH balanced for hibiscus and gentle enough to stand in plant trays and be reabsorbed into the soil after each watering.

Directions for Use:

  • Shake the formula before each use.
  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon HVH Houseplant Formula into one quart of lukewarm water (or 2 teaspoons per gallon).
  • Water your plants.

Besides hibiscus, the HVH Houseplant Formula works for other tropical houseplants too, such as African violets, orchids, and philodendrons. It is not designed for use with desert plants, such as cactus.

Bottle Size

24 oz bottle, 8 oz bottle


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