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For busy people. Use 2-3 times per year in soil. Supplement with Hibiscus Booster monthly to provide extra potassium.

Although we recommend our ‘HVH Special Blend Fertilizer’ most highly for hibiscus, not everyone has time to use fertilizer on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in their plant water. If you are one of those busy people who needs to fertilize once every 8-9 months and forget about fertilizing the rest of the time, our ‘HVH Timed-Release Fertilizer’ is probably the best product for you.

Our ‘HVH Timed-Release Fertilizer’ has the higher potassium content that hibiscus need in order to make large, colorful flowers, as well as the low phosphorus content that picky hibiscus need. With a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ratio of 18-6-12, it will encourage bigger, brighter blooms, and allow for strong bush growth, without the high phosphorus content of most fertilizers for blooming plants that damages the roots of hibiscus plants.

To use the ‘HVH Timed-Release Fertilizer’, just apply it to the surface of the soil around the base of the plant, and forget about fertilizing for 8-9 months. In hotter weather, the fertilizer will release more quickly. In cooler weather, it will release more slowly. Water doesn’t affect the release of the fertilizer Exact application instructions are below and are also included with the fertilizer.

HVH is offering the fertilizer in several popular sizes. A 1.5-lb container will provide one application for 5 large hibiscus plants in the ground, 10 smaller plants in the ground, or about 30 hibiscus in 8″ pots.

PLEASE NOTE: The ‘HVH Timed-Release Fertilizer’ is not safe for use with plants in pots smaller than 6″. The fertilizer may release too quickly for baby plants, burning their roots and damaging the plants. For 4″ pots, use a weak solution of the HVH Special Blend Fertilizer until plants are big and strong enough to go into larger pots.

ALSO NOTE:Timed-release fertilizers do not have all the trace minerals that other forms of fertilizer have, so it is important to supplement with our HVH Special Blend Fertilizer as often as you can – once per month is ideal, but 4 times per year will work if you are very busy.


Make two or three holes 1″ deep in the potting mix or soil around the base of the hibiscus. Pour the fertilizer pellets into the holes and cover with potting mix or soil. Water enough to wet the pellets. Use the following amounts, depending on the size of your plant pot.6″ pot ~ 1 teaspoon

  • 8″ pot ~ 2 teaspoons
  • 10″ pot ~ 1 tablespoon
  • Plant in ground ~ 2-4 tablespoons (depending on size of plant)

Timed-Release Fertilizer will last 5-6 months in 70°F (21°C) soil temperatures. In hotter areas, the fertilizer will last only 3-4 months.

Bag Size

1.5 lb, 3 lb, 9 lb


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