Exotic Hibiscus 'Trojan Horse'
Giant hibiscus 'Trojan Horse' is a great blooomer!
Giant Hibiscus

'Trojan Horse'

Exotic Hibiscus 'Trojan Horse'
The Fascinating Foliage of Trojan Horse

Hibiscus 'Trojan Horse'

Huge and spectacular, giant hibiscus 'Trojan Horse' blooms with huge 8-10" single flowers in wide rings of yellow, orange, and pink or rose red around a dark red eye. 'Trojan Horse' is one of our Fascinating Foliage hybrids. It is the child of two tried and true hibiscus, mother 'Saffron' and father 'Arabian Princess.' The bush is upright, lush, medium sized, and a great bloomer, but dwarfed by the giant flowers! Released from HVH in 2018. Hybridizer: C. Black