Love Story

Love Story in Single, Cup & Saucer, Double Forms

Love Story as a Single

Love Story's Clear, Bright Red and Lush Foliage

Love Story is one of the most successful hybrids out of the HVH breeding program. It blooms with our clearest bright red, offset by an equally pure, bright white. Its red is special among hibiscus show people because it doesn't darken after the flower is picked to show. The red stays clear, bright, and beautiful. For this reason, Love Story's show-winning flowers are becoming a must-have classic for hibiscus collectors and lovers everywhere. But Love Story has more to offer than just a pretty flower. It blooms profusely and continuously year round with 6-8" singles, cups-&-saucers, or doubles, and sometimes all three types at once. It has a lush, upright bush that can grow to 5' in the ground. On top of all these wonderful qualities, Love Story also makes a great houseplant. The bush branches naturally with a lovely, graceful shape, and it blooms year round in any window with some direct sunlight. All in all, Love Story is one of our most carefree and reliable hibiscus to grow. All these exceptional qualities put Love Story very near the top of our list of most highly recommended hibiscus. Love Story is the offspring of Rosalind and Candy Manners.


Love Story Blooming Indoors in a Winter Window

Love Story in Double Form