Exotic Hibiscus 'Kissing Giant'
Giant Hibiscus 'Kissing Giant' is a Great Bloomer!
Exotic Hibiscus 'Kissing Giant'
The Huge Flower of 'Kissing Giant'

'Kissing Giant'

'Kissing Giant' blooms with giant 8-10" single flowers in soft pastel shades of peachy orange, rosy pink, and bright white with a cherry red eye. The flower has excellent form, opens flat and stays flat, and displays with all the best possible form features. This is the kind of hibiscus that could easily win shows. On top of the giant size, 'Kissing Giant' is a great bloomer! 'Kissing Giant' gets its giant size from father 'Stolen Kiss,' and its upright bush and brighter pigments from mother 'Saffron.' The bush stays fairly small and grows rather slowly, so despite the giant flower size, this variety is great for small spaces or indoor growing. This one is sure to be a winner! Released from HVH in 2011. Hybridizer: C. Black