Tropical Hibiscus 'Howard's Stage'
Exotic Hibiscus

'Howard's Stage'

Classic hibiscus 'Howard's Stage' grows on a tall, fast-growing, vigorous bush that will tower over other hibiscus and shrubs. It makes a perfect background planting because the bright salmon, large 7-8" flowers with vivid red eyes haloed in hot pink stand out well from any distance. 'Howard's Stage' is the child of 'Climax' and 'Sun Shower.' The bush is upright and very tall. Available from HVH in 2017. Hybridizer: B. Short

Tropical Hibiscus 'Howard's Stage'
A 3-year-old 'Howard's Stage' that is 12 feet tall!
It towers over the the 6-8-foot hibiscus beneath it and the 7-foot lampost to the right.
'Howard's Stage' makes a perfect background planting with its
large, vivid flowers that show well at any distance.