Exotic Hibiscus ''Firelit Sky
Exotic Hibiscus 'Firelit Sky'

Exotic Hibiscus

'Firelit Sky'

Exotic hibiscus 'Firelit Sky' is as strange and unusual as flames licking a black sky against a dark red sun in a wildfire. We named this hibiscus in the middle of a California wildfire that turned our world into just such a place. The large 7-9" single flowers start with a dark magenta eye, flickering out like flames into dark red, then bright yellow, with orange playing around the edges. Out of the terror of the wildfire, this beautiful flower emerges to bring new life and beauty. 'Firelit Sky' is the offspring of 'Saffron' and 'Maui Dancer.' The bush is medium-sized and upright. Released from HVH in 2018. Hybridizer: C. Black