Charles Black Hibiscus Cultivars

Charles Black, Tropical Hibiscus Hybridizer
Charles Black
Below is a display of many of Charles Black's hibiscus cultivars. Some of these hibiscus are new seedlings, still in the testing stages, and not yet available for sale to the public. Some older hybrids will no longer be available because they have been replaced by superior hybrids and may or may not be shown here. In addition to this, not all cultivars are available for sale at HVH at any given time. We have gotten many requests to publish a list of Charles' cultivars, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!

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Hibiscus 'Pocahontas'

Hibiscus 'Pomp and Circumstance'
Pomp and Circumstance

Hibiscus 'Porcelain Doll'
Porcelain Doll

Hibiscus 'Presidential Affair'
Presidential Affair

Hibiscus 'Pretty in Pink'
Pretty in Pink

Hibiscus 'Princess Ka'iulani'
Princess Ka'iulani

Hibiscus 'Purple Hat Society'
Purple Hat Society

Hibiscus 'Quantum Leap'
Quantum Leap

Hibiscus 'Raging Bull'
Raging Bull

Hibiscus 'Raku'

Hibiscus 'Rainbow Sherbet'
Rainbow Sherbet

Hibiscus 'Rebel Rouser'
Rebel Rouser

Hibiscus 'Red Satin'
Red Satin

Hibiscus 'Renaissance Blue'
Renaissance Blue

Hibiscus 'Rise and Shine'
Rise and Shine

Hibiscus 'Robin Hood'
Robin Hood

Hibiscus 'Rocket's Red Glare'
Rocket's Red Glare

Hibiscus 'Rockin' Robin'
Rockin' Robin

Hibiscus 'Rodeo Drive'
Rodeo Drive

Hibiscus 'Ruby Tuesday'
Ruby Tuesday

Hibiscus 'Saber Dance'
Saber Dance

Hibiscus 'Saffron'

Hibiscus 'Samba Dancer'
Samba Dancer

Hibiscus 'Scarlet Beauty'
Scarlet Beauty

Hibiscus 'Shadow Dance'
Shadow Dance

Hibiscus 'Shockwave'

Hibiscus 'Silver Dragon'
Silver Dragon

Hibiscus 'Simple Pleasures'
Simple Pleasures

Hibiscus 'Single Again'
Single Again

Hibiscus 'Sleeping Beauty'
Sleeping Beauty

Hibiscus 'Smoke on the Water'
Smoke on the Water

Hibiscus 'Snowstorm'

Hibiscus 'Soft Spot'
Soft Spot

Hibiscus 'Solar Eclipse'
Solar Eclipse

Hibiscus 'Some Like it Hot'
Some Like it Hot

Hibiscus 'Snowstorm'

Hibiscus 'Snowy Sky'
Snowy Sky

Hibiscus 'Song Sung Blue'
Song Sung Blue

Hibiscus 'Space Oddity'
Space Oddity

Hibiscus 'Sparkling Water'
Sparkling Water

Hibiscus 'Spice Island'
Spice Island

Hibiscus 'Splash!'

Hibiscus 'Strawberry Cream'
Strawberry Cream

Hibiscus 'Strawberry Fields Forever'
Strawberry Fields Forever

Hibiscus 'Suede Buttons'
Suede Buttons

Hibiscus 'Sugar Plum'
Sugar Plum

Hibiscus 'Sunkissed Blonde'
Sunkissed Blonde

Exotic Hibiscus 'Surf City'
Surf City

Exotic Hibiscus 'Sweet Sixteen'
Sweet Sixteen

Exotic Hibiscus 'Tangerine Dream'
Tangerine Dream

Exotic Hibiscus 'The Color Purple'
The Color Purple

Exotic Hibiscus 'The Right Stuff'
The Right Stuff

Exotic Hibiscus 'Three-Ring Circus'
Three-Ring Circus

Exotic Hibiscus 'Tiny Dancer'
Tiny Dancer

Exotic Hibiscus 'Torch Song'
Torch Song

Exotic Hibiscus 'Twice the Fun'
Twice the Fun

Exotic Hibiscus 'Valentine's Day'
Valentine's Day

Exotic Hibiscus 'Velvet Illusion'
Velvet Illusion

Exotic Hibiscus 'Venetian Brick'
Venetian Brick

Exotic Hibiscus 'Vin Beaujolais'
Vin Beaujolais

Exotic Hibiscus 'Vin Extraordinaire'
Vin Extraordinaire

Exotic Hibiscus 'Whisper Soft'
Whisper Soft

Exotic Hibiscus 'White Lightning'
White Lightning

Exotic Hibiscus 'White Magic'
White Magic

Exotic Hibiscus 'White Satin<'
White Satin

Exotic Hibiscus 'Wild Child'
Wild Child

Exotic Hibiscus 'Wine Spritzer'
Wine Spritzer

Exotic Hibiscus 'Winter Lights'
Winter Lights

Exotic Hibiscus 'Wild Dream'
Wild Dream

Exotic Hibiscus 'Wind Surfer'
Wind Surfer

Exotic Hibiscus 'Wine Spritzer'
Wine Spritzer

Exotic Hibiscus 'Wings of Grace'
Wings of Grace

Exotic Hibiscus 'Winter Lights'
Winter Lights

Exotic Hibiscus 'Young at Heart'
Young at Heart

Exotic Hibiscus 'Zulu Warrior'
Zulu Warrior