Hibiscus Gallery

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This is a photo display of the hibiscus varieties that Hidden Valley Hibiscus is actively growing at this time. You cannot order from this page, and not all of these varieties will be available for sale at the same time. To find out which varieties are available for sale right now, go to our Online Store. We often get requests to display photographs of all the flowers we grow because customers and hibiscus lovers enjoy seeing them. So here is our photo display for your viewing pleasure! Click on the small pictures to see more about each hibiscus. You can also find out more about many of these varieties on our HVH Forum.

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Hibiscus 'Abracadabra'

Exotic Hibiscus 'Acapulco Gold'
Acapulco Gold

Exotic Hibiscus 'Act of Valor'
Act of Valor

Hibiscus 'Adagio'

Hibiscus 'Adventure'

Hibiscus 'Affirmation'

Hibiscus 'African Princess'
African Princess

Tropical Hibiscus 'Ain't She Sweet'
Ain't She Sweet

Albo Lacinatus
Albo Lacinatus

Hibiscus 'All That Jazz'
All That Jazz

Hibiscus 'Allure'

Hibiscus 'Allegro'

Hibiscus 'Alpine Lake'
Alpine Lake

Hibiscus 'Am I Blue'
Am I Blue

Hibiscus 'Amethyst Crystal'
Amethyst Crystal

Hibiscus 'Anasazi Maiden'
Anasazi Maiden

Hibiscus 'Andante'

Hibiscus 'Angélique'

Hibiscus 'Antique Lilac'
Antique Lilac

Hibiscus 'Aphrodite'

Hibiscus 'Appassionata'

Hibiscus 'Apple Pie'
Apple Pie

Hibiscus 'Apricot Cookie'
Apricot Cookie

Hibiscus 'Apricot Tart'
Apricot Tart

Hibiscus 'April Showers'
April Showers

Hibiscus 'Arabian Princess'
Arabian Princess

Hibiscus 'Arc de Triomphe'
Arc de Triomphe

Hibiscus 'A Star is Born'
A Star is Born

Hibiscus 'Athena'

Hibiscus 'Attitude of Gratitude'
Attitude of Gratitude

Hibiscus 'Ay Caramba'
Ay Caramba

Hibiscus 'Aztec Giant'
Aztec Giant

Hibiscus 'Aztec Treasure'
Aztec Treasure

Hibiscus 'Bebop'

Hibiscus 'Babe in the Woods'
Babe in the Woods

Hibiscus 'Beach Beauty'
Beach Beauty

Hibiscus 'Bedazzled'

Hibiscus 'Belle du Jour'
Belle du Jour

Hibiscus 'Belle of the Ball'
Belle of the Ball

Hibiscus 'Berried Treasure'
Berried Treasure

Hibiscus 'Best Friend'
Best Friend

Hibiscus 'Best of Times'
Best of Times

Hibiscus 'Big Baby'
Big Baby

Hibiscus 'Big Oaf'
Big Oaf

Hibiscus 'Bird of Paradise'
Bird of Paradise

Hibiscus 'Birthday Present'
Birthday Present

Hibiscus 'Black Cherry'
Black Cherry

Hibiscus 'Black Dragon'
Black Dragon

Hibiscus 'Black Dream'
Black Dream

Hibiscus 'Black Jack'
Black Jack

Hibiscus 'Blonde Ambition'
Blonde Ambition

Hibiscus 'Blue Angel'
Blue Angel

Hibiscus 'Blue Ballerina'
Blue Ballerina

Hibiscus 'Blue Button'
Blue Button

Hibiscus 'Blue Opal'
Blue Opal

Hibiscus 'Blue Over You'
Blue Over You

Hibiscus 'Blueblood'

Hibiscus 'Blues in the Night'
Blues in the Night

Hibiscus 'Blush'

Hibiscus 'Blush of Youth'
Blush of Youth

Hibiscus 'Blushing Bride'
Blushing Bride

Hibiscus 'Blushing Maiden'
Blushing Maiden

Hibiscus 'Blushing Peach'
Blushing Peach

Hibiscus 'Bold & Beautiful'
Bold & Beautiful

Hibiscus 'Bon Temps'
Bon Temps

Hibiscus 'Bon Vivant'
Bon Vivant

Hibiscus 'Bonnie Lass'
Bonnie Lass

Hibiscus 'Born to Be Wild'
Born to Be Wild

Hibiscus 'Bountiful'

Hibiscus 'Brassy Blonde'
Brassy Blonde

Hibiscus 'Braveheart'

Hibiscus 'Brazen'

Hibiscus 'Breezy Blue'
Breezy Blue

Hibiscus 'Bridal Path'
Bridal Path

Hibiscus 'Bright Hope'
Bright Hope

Hibiscus 'Bright Horizon'
Bright Horizon

Hibiscus 'Bull's Eye'
Bull's Eye

Hibiscus 'Burnt Saffron'
Burnt Saffron

Hibiscus 'Butterfly Kisses'
Butterfly Kisses

Hibiscus 'Butterscotch Bliss'
Butterscotch Bliss

Hibiscus 'Buxom Beauty'
Buxom Beauty

Hibiscus 'Byron Metts'
Byron Metts

Hibiscus 'California Beauty'
California Beauty

Hibiscus 'California Dreamin''
California Dreamin'

Hibiscus 'California Sun'
California Sun

Hibiscus 'Canary Song'
Canary Song

Hibiscus 'Candy Stripe'
Candy Stripe

Hibiscus 'Caramel Toffee'
Caramel Toffee

Hibiscus 'Caribbean Beauty'
Caribbean Beauty

Hibiscus 'Carmel Dawn'
Carmel Dawn

Hibiscus 'Carnation'

Hibiscus 'Carnelian'

Hibiscus 'Carrot Cake'
Carrot Cake

Hibiscus 'Carrot Top'
Carrot Top

Hibiscus 'Carte Blanche'
Carte Blanche

Hibiscus 'Cashmere Yellow'
Cashmere Yellow

Hibiscus 'Chai Tea'
Chai Tea

Hibiscus 'Chalcedony'

Hibiscus 'Champagne'

Hibiscus 'Changeling'

Hibiscus 'Chariots of Fire'
Chariots of Fire

Hibiscus 'Cheerful Heart'
Cheerful Heart

Hibiscus 'Cheery Disposition'
Cheery Disposition

Hibiscus 'Cherish'

Hibiscus 'Cherokee Princess'
Cherokee Princess