Tropical Hibiscus 'Winter Wonderland'
'Winter Wonderland' Twins
Tropical Hibiscus 'Winter Wonderland'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Winter Wonderland'
Exotic Hibiscus

'Winter Wonderland'

This exotic hibiscus is a wintery blue that we named 'Winter Wonderland.' The dark blue body speckled with white snow is set of by a softly glowing pink eye that looks like a light in a snowstorm. 'Winter Wonderland' is the offspring of two of our Tried and True blue hibiscus varieties, 'Wild Grape' and 'Pinot Noir.' The single flower is 6-8" across, and the bush is well branched, medium-sized, and a great bloomer. Released from HVH in 2014. Hybridizer: C. Black