'Wine Spritzer'

Exotic Hibiscus 'Wine Spritzer'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Wine Spritzer'

Hibiscus 'Wine Spritzer'
Hibiscus 'Wine Spritzer' on Day 2

'Wine Spritzer' is new HVH seedling that is not yet available for sale. It blooms with 6-8" purple flowers with a large red eye. The whole flower is spritzed with a bright red or white spray. 'Wine Spritzer' is a prolific bloomer and vigorous grower like its mother 'Creme de Cacao.' It has also inherited its mother's multi-lobed leaves, which are also an indication of vigorous, healthy, easy to grow genes. The larger flowers and bluer tones of 'Wine Spritzer' come from its father 'Moon Madness.' Released from HVH in 2010. Hybridizer: C. Black