Tropical Hibiscus 'White Water'
Exotic Hibiscus 'White Water'
Hibiscus 'White Water'
A Softer Hibiscus 'White Water'

'White Water'

Exotic hibiscus 'White Water' is a gorgeous 5-7" purple and white single with a soft, shiny pink eye and rays, and all kinds of splashes and sparkles exactly like white water on a wild river. The flower has a very heavy texture which makes it last longer than most hibiscus flowers. 'White Water' is one of our Fascinating Foliage hybrids, with deeply lobed leaves. It is the offspring of purple and white mother 'Wild Grape' and blue and white father 'Still Water.' Released from HVH in 2014. Hybridizer: C. Black

Tropical Hibiscus 'White Water'
'White Water' ~ Lush, Beautiful Bush with Fascinating Foliage