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Tried & True Hibiscus


Orders ship within 2 weeks. Credit cards are charged when the order is placed. For complete information, see Terms and Conditions. Plants in 4" pots are several months old, 8-24" tall. Plants in 6" pots are 1-2 years old, 30- 48" tall, and ready to go in the ground or landscape pot. ONLINE STORE IS RESTOCKED FREQUENTLY THROUGHOUT SUMMER MONTHS.

Our Most Highly Recommended Hibiscus

At HVH we are often asked "What hibiscus hybrid do you recommend?" That's a tall order but we constantly evaluate our hibiscus with just this question in mind. These hibiscus are the top "must haves" in our own hibiscus garden. The hybrids on this page meet the following criterion:

Easy to grow
Grow well in most locations
Beautiful, full, upright bushes
Bloom prolifically
Colorful flowers with minimal fading
Well-formed, well-displayed flowers that last at least 2-3 days
Years of consistent performance

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