Tropical Hibiscus 'Tangerine Mist'
Hibiscus 'Tangerine Mist' Opening Colors
Tropical Hibiscus 'Tangerine Mist'
'Tangerine Mist' on Second Day

'Tangerine Mist'

Hibiscus 'Tangerine Mist'
Another Hibiscus 'Tangerine Mist'

'Tangerine Mist' blooms with 6-8" single yellow flowers covered in a bright tangerine orange overlay that slowly disappears on the second day, leaving a bright yellow flower. The eye has its own attraction - softest pink with a lavender-gray halo around it. The parents of 'Tangerine Mist' are two brown flowers, strangely enough - 'Créme de Cacao' and 'Hickory Wood.' Released from HVH in fall 2010. Hybridizer: C. Black