Exotic Hibiscus

'Sweet Persuasion'

Tropical Hibiscus 'Sweet Persuasion'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Sweet Persuasion'

The single 6-8" flower of 'Sweet Persuasion' is a multi-ringed beauty with a startingly pretty eye. A lilac pink edge sets off the dark blue body, and a red and white peppermint eye completes the picture with sparkling rays and perfectly formed shapes. 'Sweet Persuasion' is the offspring of two blue hibiscus parents, 'Smoke on the Water' and 'Vin Beaujolais.' The bush is upright and medium sized. Released from HVH in 2014. Hybridizer: C. Black

Tropical Hibiscus 'Sweet Persuasion'

Hibiscus 'Sweet Persuasion'
A Softer 'Sweet Persuasion'