Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures' Prolific Bush in Summer

Simple Pleasures in Summer Heat

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures is one of our top ten Tried and True varieties. A longtime customer and official hibiscus judge in Texas described it well:

"Simple Pleasures is a great bloom! Highly recommended 9-10 inches with great texture and lots of color - actually better than I was hoping for!" JM

We can add that Simple Pleasures inherited a great bush from its famous parent High Voltage. It is a strong, upright grower that can reach 6' or more if planted in the ground, but also makes an excellent 3' bushy and full potted plant. It is one of our easiest to grow hibiscus, blooms prolifically, and the blooms are always beautiful. We very highly recommend 'Simple Pleasures' to both collectors and new hibiscus aficionados! Released from HVH in 2004.


A Soft Simple Pleasures Look

Simple Pleasures in Cooler Weather