'Saffron' ~ A Wildly Prolific Bloomer
And a Beautiful Bush

'Saffron' in a 6" Pot


Gorgeous, huge 7-9" white-eyed, pure orange, perfectly formed single flowers on an excellent, upright bush. Our customers have reported 10" blooms on 'Saffron' at times. 'Saffron' is one of our most floriferous hibiscus. It blooms constantly with many flowers at once. The bush is spectacular - full, well-branched, vigorous, easy to grow, and beautiful. 'Saffron' is our favorite orange hibiscus, and one of the best cultivars we grow. 'Saffron' is the offspring of 'Misfire' and 'Norman Lee.' Released from HVH in 2006.

Customer Comments:
Last year I bought a Saffron Hibiscus plant from you. It now has four branches and each branch bears flowers. It is in my living room in Los Angeles, facing North and is contantly blooming. I cannot possibly describe the beauty of this true orange flower. Unbelievable! It's blooms are as big as a saucer. Couldn't be happier with this plant. If you want an "Ahhhhh" moment, this is the hibiscus for you. ~ David, Los Angeles, California

'Saffron' as a Houseplant