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HVH Recommended Pruning Shears

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Both sides of the heavy duty HVH Recommended Pruning Shears
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If you grow hibiscus, sooner or later you have to decide whether to prune or not. But what is pruning really? Pruning is how we help Mother Nature to shape a plant in ways that suit our needs. When we cut branches from a plant, we alter the all-important flow of plant hormones within the plant, causing side branches to grow, while delaying flower production now in order to get many more flowers later. Some equate pruning with chopping down the plant almost to the ground. For others, it's nipping off the green tip of a branch. Both these and other related techniques are what we refer to as pruning and are an important part of getting the most from exotic hibiscus.

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The HVH Recommended Pruning Shears makes this chore easy. This tool features a replaceable, non-stick, carbon steel blade that will do the job, cut after cut. A self-cleaning sap groove removes the mess, while adjustable blade tension, a resilient shock absorbing bumper and rubber coated ergonomical handles add comfort and protection. The easy-to-use, well functioning, locking mechanism keeps the pruners securely closed when not in use, and it won't open up accidentally in your pocket. If you want a no frills tool that reliably does what it's supposed to, and one that is competitively priced when compared to other high quality pruners, you can't go wrong with the HVH Recommended Pruning Shears. Suitable for both right and left handled users.

Grow your hibiscus as the experts!

From the cover of 'Pruning Hibiscus': "What is pruning really? Do all plants need it? What are the benefits of pruning? Who should do it? When should it be done? How should it be done? This booklet will teach you the different ways and techniques of pruning. Lavishly illustrated, it also explains not only basic pruning, but how to create tree standards, ways to rejuvenate old plants and correct growth problems. Drawing on decades of experience growing tropical plants from hibiscus expert Charles Black and Yvonne Forsling have put together this guide that will teach you how to grow happier, healthier, plants that bloom and grow better than ever." This brochure comes free with a purchase of our pruning shears.

Here's what one of our customers said about the pruning brochure:

"Thank you for the 'Pruning Hibiscus' booklet. I have read it cover to cover and find it both informative and very helpful! I just finished really pruning back the plants I got from you! They are still in the 10 gallon containers and I am sure they will be wonderful later this summer. I just needed your book to make sure I did the correct surgery!
Sincerely, Byron M

Order Pruning Shears + 'Pruning Hibiscus' Booklet:
Price: $24.99