Tropical Hibiscus 'Near to My Heart'
Exotic Hibiscus

'Near to My Heart'

Exotic hibiscus 'Near to My Heart' shines with large tufted 7-9" single flowers in rings of clear yellow and orange around a large pink eye like a huge heart. The orange and yellow develop spots and splashes that add to its beauty in hot summer heat. Both parents, darker mother 'Tahitian Royal Court' and lighter Tried and True father 'Rainbow Sherbet,' contribute these colors. 'Near to My Heart stays true to both parents with these same colors, but equally loyal to both parents with extremely clear pigments in a middle range halfway between them both. It's that rare thing in hibiscus hybridizing - an offspring that looks very much like both parents! The bush is upright and medium-sized. Released from HVH in 2020. Hybridizer: C. Black