Hibiscus 'Ms. President'
'Ms. President' ~ A Great Bloomer!
Exotic Hibiscus 'Ms. President'
Hibiscus 'Ms. President'

'Ms. President'

'Ms. President' is one of the products of our work at HVH to hybridize large, solid-colored hibiscus flowers in every color, shade, and hue on strong, vigorous, floriferous bushes. We have hybridized hot pink and fuchsia hibiscus in the past, but if the bush was great, the flower wasn't as large as we wanted. Or if the flower was large and beautiful, the bush wasn't as wonderful as we wanted. Finally this year we have achieved both goals with fuchsia and hot pink hibiscus flowers! Released from HVH in 2013. Hybridizer: C. Black

'Ms. President' blooms profusely with large 7-9" vivid fuchsia, ruffly, single flowers with consistently beautiful form. It is the child of 'Electric Orange' and 'Belle du Jour,' both known for their profuse blooming and strong, vigorous, well-branched bushes. 'Ms. President' could end up being one of our best pinks ever! It's one to watch for sure. Released from HVH in 2013.