Hibiscus 'Little Mermaid'
Exotic Mini Hibiscus 'Little Mermaid' in Summer Heat

'Little Mermaid'

Tropical Hibiscus 'Little Mermaid'
'Little Mermaid' in Cooler Weather

Hibiscus 'Little Mermaid'
Hibiscus 'Little Mermaid' in Coolest Weather

'Little Mermaid' blooms with a spectacular mini 4-6" hibiscus flower in indigo blue and white with antique ivory touches and a red eye. In summer heat, the flowers become sharply constrasted dark blue and bright white. In cooler weather, the colors soften and blend together. Both looks are beautiful! The parents of 'Little Mermaid' are the purple and white mini 'Born to be Wild' and the soft pastel 'April Showers.' Released from HVH in 2013. Hybridizer: C. Black