Tropical Hibiscus 'Kilimanjaro'
A Typical Hibiscus 'Kilimanjaro'

Hibiscus 'Kilimanjaro'
A Darker 'Kilimanjaro' in Cool Weather

Like the poignantly beautiful mountain it is named after, 'Kilimanjaro' is certain to become a hibiscus classic. Evoking the sparkling snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro, the large 7-9" flower blooms in bright white on a dark purple background, set off by a red eye and ruffled edge. 'Kilimanjaro' is the child of 'Born to be Wild,' who contributed genes for the dark purple pigments, and 'Mountain Air,' whose genes give the flower its larger size. Released from HVH in limited quantities in 2013. Hybridizer: C. Black

Hibiscus 'Kilimanjaro'
Hibiscus 'Kilimanjaro' ~ a Prolific Bloomer