Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent is a variety that gets our highest recommendation. Introduced in limited numbers in 2004, it was an instant hit with customers and show judges alike. It is one of the few varieties that can bloom either single or double. In warmer weather or climates most of the blooms will be 6-8" doubles. The charm of Heaven Scent is found in its colors - a most luscious yellow flower with white on the inner petal and fine green foliage that set off the many blooms. It is a pure bright yellow, with no hint of the orange tones that dull the yellow color of some varieties. The bush is lush and upright and very attractive. On rare occasions the blooms from this variety will exude a sweet fragrance that is a delight to imbibe. We have yet to determine what brings out the fragrance, but the people who have noted it have all waxed enthusiastic about this quality. This variety does everything well; we cannot recommend it enough. The bush can grow to 6' or higher in the ground or in large pots. Released from HVH in 2004.

If Heaven Scent had nothing more to recommend it than the big bright clear yellow 7" blooms or the spring green foliage its' success would still be assured. In fact, we had selected it as one of our best new cvs BEFORE we discovered that it also is scented at least as strongly as any of the known scented varieties. Combine all these qualities and you have a very special new cultivar. As its parent Rosalind the flowers come in both a single and a double form on the same bush.

In most cases a name is just a name and one is as good as another for most cultivars. But in this case, the "Scent" in 'Heaven Scent' was quite deliberate due to it indicating the rare hibiscus trait of being sometimes scented. If anyone who has 'Heaven Scent' has not been sniffing every bloom we encourage you to try it. We have yet to determine what conditions bring out the scent but when you catch the right circumstances it's a "WOW" experience!

We have to admit this quality is "Heaven Scent" because we had no reason to expect the cross of 'Rosalind' and 'Georgia's Pearl' to be scented. I imagine way back we would find some H. arnottianus in the background of one or the other. In any case this clear yellow double on its lush and pretty bush (great fresh green color!) is going to give a lot of pleasure to a lot of gardeners and collectors for a long time to come.


Heaven Scent as a Double

Heaven Scent Single

Heaven Scent Twins