Fragile Moment

Fragile Moment's Array of Pinks

Fragile Moment's Soft Look

Fragile Moment is a Beautiful, Lush Double


A poem of a flower, Fragile Moment is one of those soft and gentle flowers that inspires with its sheer beauty. Rare, pure white center petals shade to multiple shades of pink by the time it reaches the base petals. Fragile Moment's unique and ever-changing spectrum of pinks makes it an especially beautiful addition to the pink hibiscus family. It opens as a 6-8" full double usually, and is held upright on a graceful, upright bush that grows to 5' in a large pot. Fragile Moment is a cross between Rosalind and Tylene. Released from HVH in 2004.


Fragile Moment in its Brighter Moments

Fragile Moment's Beautiful, Prolific Bush

Fragile Moment in its Paler Moments