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Exotic Hibiscus 'Firestorm'
Tropical Hibiscus 'Firestorm' ~ An Excellent Bloomer!


Tropical Hibiscus 'Firestorm'
Exotic Hibiscus Hybrid 'Firestorm'

A true fire-engine red, 'Firestorm' is probably the brightest orange-red hibiscus ever grown at HVH. The flowers are big, 7-9" across, and well presented, facing outward, for viewing on the bush. The flowers last for 2-3 days, do not fade in the sun, and do not blacken the way many red hibiscus blooms do. The bush itself is very pretty, with glossy leaves and a good, upright growth habit. It blooms a lot, often with two flowers at a time. 'Firestorm' is so new that we don't know how big it will grow, but we expect it to be a typical mid-sized hibiscus that reaches 4-5 feet in height within a few years.

Hibiscus 'Firestorm'
Hibiscus 'Firestorm' Twins

The flowers of 'Firestorm' show three clear rings of color in cooler, cloudier weather: an orange edge blending to red, then a fuchsia halo surrounding the eye. In mid-summer heat and sun, the red becomes more vivid, a true fire-engine red, that takes over most of the flower. In the hottest weather, the flower is almost completely red, with an intense color that holds up against the heat and sun.

'Firestorm' is the child of 'Saffron' and 'Splash!'. Both these parents have long-lasting, non-fading flowers and beautiful bushes. The mother, 'Saffron,' is the most prolific bloomer in both our greenhouse and our garden. 'Firestorm' looks like it has inherited all these wonderful traits, and we expect to put it on our Tried and True list within the next couple of years. If you only want, or have room for, one hibiscus in a hot tropical color, 'Firestorm' may be the one! Released from HVH in 2010.

Exotic Hibiscus 'Firestorm'
Hibiscus 'Firestorm' Twins in Summer Heat