'Dragon's Heart'

Tropical Hibiscus 'Dragon's Heart'
Hibiscus 'Dragon's Heart' Opening

'Dragon's Heart' is one of the darkest red flowers we have grown. It blooms with 5-7" uniquely-colored flowers that vary from dark maroon through dark red to medium red depending on weather conditions and fertilizer. The color is darkest in spring and fall, or when kept in partial shade through summer heat. The single bloom is crisp, heavy, and long lasting. 'Dragon's Heart' is the child of 'Dragon's Breath' and 'Heart of My Heart.' Released from HVH in 2009. Hybridizer: C. Black

Hibiscus 'Dragon's Heart'
Another Hibiscus 'Dragon's Heart'

Hibiscus 'Dragon's Heart'
A Lighter Red 'Dragon's Heart'