'Dragon's Breath'

'Dragon's Breath'

'Dragon's Breath' Triplets in Summer

'Dragon's Breath's' Beautiful Form

'Dragon's Breath' in a Rare Dark, Dark Form with 10 Petals

'Dragon's Breath' is a rare, beautiful, special collector's hibiscus that can be a challenge to grow. This offspring of 'Bonnie B' and 'Blushing Romance' has won dozens of hibiscus show awards, including Hibiscus of the Year. It has striking 7-9" single, maroon flowers with frosty white rays and brush strokes on each petal. The compact, somewhat slow-growing bush prefers a mix of direct sun and shade, and blooms best in filtered light or part shade in the heat of summer. It can be grown as a potted plant or planted in the garden. It can have problems if over-watered in milder weather but also needs ample water when the temperatures are high. 'Dragon's Breath' is highly recommended for those with experience growing hybrid hibiscus.


'Dragon's Breath' Twins in Winter