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'Denim Revolution'

'Denim Revolution' is showing promise as one of our very best new blue hibiscus cultivars. As with roses, a true blue hibiscus is the elusive goal of almost all hybridizers. Most blue hibiscus have some pink in them, and the blue is more a lavender than a true blue. The first blue we hybridized at HVH that didn't have a bit of pink in it was 'Blue Ballerina.' It's a beautiful hibiscus with a pure denim-colored blue and a wonderful bush, but the flower is a tiny mini-sized 3-5" bloom. Now finally we have managed to reproduce that denim-blue color in a larger 6-8" flower. So what looks like a simple, fairly plain blue flower, for us is a revolution in the hybridization of blue hibiscus!
Hibiscus 'Denim Revolution'
Hibiscus 'Denim Revolution' Triplets
Tropical Hibiscus 'Denim Revolution'
Tropical Hibiscus 'Denim Revolution'

Besides the denim-blue color, 'Denim Revolution' is also a fantastic bloomer, sporting multiple blooms much of the time. It blooms well and maintains its color inside a house too. We have one in our office that blooms all the time and has become one of our favorites. The parents of 'Denim Revolution' are 'Midnight Blue' and 'Moon Madness.' Both parents contributed to our new seedling's denim color, but the papa, 'Moon Madness' contributed its larger 7" flower size and its upright bush. If all goes well with future evaluations of 'Denim Revolution,' it will be available in 2010 or 2011.