Hibiscus 'Crystal Pink'
Hibiscus 'Crystal Pink' Triplets
Tropical Hibiscus 'Crystal Pink'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Crystal Pink'

Hibiscus 'Crystal Pink'
Another Hibiscus 'Crystal Pink'

'Crystal Pink'

Hibiscus 'Crystal Pink'
'Crystal Pink' with More White

'Crystal Pink' blooms like crazy with 6-8" single flowers in delightful shades of pink and white. 'First Love,' the mother of Crystal Pink, contributes the strong genes of famous garden variety 'President' along with the solid genes of the Australian variety, 'Gwen Mary.' The father 'Blue Ballerina' contributes the heavy blooming qualities of that variety. 'Crystal Pink' grows into a compact, medium-sized bush with many branches that provide a multitude of blooms throughout the growing season. Released from HVH in 2010. Hybridizer: C. Black