Exotic Hibiscus 'Citrus Tang'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Citrus Tang,' outside summer heat, 6" pot
Exotic Hibiscus 'Citrus Tang'
'Citrus Tang' houseplant in winter, 4" pot
Exotic Hibiscus

'Citrus Tang'

Exotic hibiscus 'Citrus Tang' blooms with 6-7" single flowers in tangy shades of orange and yellow with a bright white eye. In a house or in the winter outside, the orange will be soft and the yellow spots will be small. In hot summer heat, the orange turns to a fire-engine red and the yellow patches get bigger. The parents of 'Citrus Tang' are orange and white mother 'Saffron' and and red and white classic father, 'White Magic.' The bush is upright, medium sized and tends to be an early bloomer in a 4" pot, even inside a house. Released from HVH in 2022. Hybridizer: C. Black